Monday, February 14, 2011

Building Vocabulary for Toddlers


Watch and listen to the following video on toddler education

Pre-listening task

Key vocabulary:

· toddler - child learning to walk - walks unsteadily with small quick steps


Listen to the following recording and say what the key message.


Complete the following points made by the presenter of the video about how to build a toddler’s vocabulary:

· Toddlers understand ____________ times as many words as they use.

· Between the ages of 2 and 3 toddlers are learning up to ________ new words a day.

· Introducing new words through ___________and ____________ feeds their curiosity.

· Ask your child lots of ____________ about the topics that ____________ them

· Give them time to __________of an answer.

· When they respond, __________ their answers back to them and ________ a few more words to the conversation, so the child will learn _________words related to the conversation

· Vocabulary building can be done easily by reading story books and discussing the _________________.

· Talk about the picture in the book and relate them to your child's own _______.

· If there is a picture of a grandmother talk about the __________ grandmother etc.

· Connect the pictures to real life experience the child gets more meaning out of it.

· Children will remember the words they find ____________the best.

· Forget about flashcards just talk about life together.

· Having conversations with your toddler about what they find ___________, _________ and even ____________ not only helps expand their vocabularies but it helps develop your _____________ too.

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